• Unregulated rates the supply of electricity at unregulated rates
  • Reduced costs reducing the cost of purchased electricity
  • Deferral of payment flexible schedule of payment for purchased electricity
Forecasted WMP
  • electricity 
    on the Wholesale Electricity Market of Ukraine
    to June 2019 year
    1 МВh excluded
  • 1618,42

UKRAINIAN TRADЕ ENERGY COMPANY Limited Liability Company, hereinafter – UTEС LLC, was incorporated on November 25, 2014.

The main activity of UTEС LLC is the supply of electricity to industrial companies at non-regulated tariff, license of the National Commission exercising the state regulation of energy and utility services in Ukraine for supply of electricity at non-regulated tariff AE No. 575918.

Currently, UTEС LLC successfully supplies electricity to consumers in a number of regions of Ukraine and constantly expands the customer base.

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Currency Rates
Rate of exchange 26.06.2019
  • 10 RUB 4,2 гривен 0,0
  • 100 EUR 2982,6 гривен -1,6
  • 100 USD 2619,1 гривен -0,0